• Architectural visualization

    There is no better way to get an idea of how your project will look after finishing than photorealistic images. The best thing about it - you can make some changes along the way, based on our high quality renders.

    We specialize in making high quality images and videos of architecture, ready to present. Often an impressive presentation is a selling point of construction projects.

  • Interior design and visualization

    Interior design requires a lot of attention to detail right from the beginning, and this is where we can help you every step along the way. Our 3D artists will create virtual version of your existing or future interior, so you can experiment with material and color choices before making the final decision.

    Lately we have been offering interactive applications - virtual models of interior that clients can walk through like in video games. In future we plan to add Virtual Reality support.

Modeling & Visualization

No matter how small or big is your project, we can make a digital image of it. Even if it's just in a state of idea. Every flat blueprint can be turned into beautiful photo.

Interior design

Get involved in creating the final design! With our 3D visualization, you can experiment with material choices, colors, layouts, and anything else.

VR coming to interior design process

Our next goal is to offer realistic experience with Virtual Reality. You will have a chance to walk through your own vision of the perfect home.

  • "Fantastic quality pictures of my renovated flat. I was able to see the best material choices for my expensive apartment without a shadow of a doubt."

    Mark Stone, NY

  • "I was planning a new pool and basket ball court for my villa, Rorschach-Design helped me see the best possible layout strategies with their visualisations. Thank you!"

    Thomas Santoro, LA

  • "Fast, great quality and good customer service..."

    Stacey Jordan, New Jersey

  • "My small coffe shop needed a new design, and thanks to RD I could experiment a lot to get the best possible interior design for a coffe shop in my town!"

    Chris L., small business owner

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